Welcome to Embodied Intimacy

Embodied Intimacy is a simple and straightforward path to fulfilling relationships through vulnerability and partnered meditation.

We live in a word that teaches us how to read, write, calculate and solve logical problems. However, very few of us have any formal or conscious education in intimacy and deeply relating to others.

We aren’t taught how to love and be loved, and yet these are the things that make the biggest difference in the quality of our life.

Embodied Intimacy is an experiential and pragmatic education in intimacy.

Embodied Intimacy guides the participants from “doing” intimacy to “being” intimate. In other words, it invites the participant to relax and let go of the unique and shared ways we “try” to be in order to be accepted, loved, and wanted.

Within the safety of the environment participants are gently invited to feel into what actually happens when they are together with another person. All the experiences that arise within each interaction are welcomed within mindful awareness, including feelings of rejection, abandonment and critique, as well as feelings of attraction, connection and appreciation.

The gift is simply being together, without any other agenda.

Embodied Intimacy starts and stays with the body, where we are alive in the present moment. It often involves practices that help with the release of stress and pent up emotions to open up for more vital energy and information living in the body.

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