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There are lots of juicy ways for you to explore the beautiful art of transformational intimacy with us, including weekend workshops, deeper trainings, our annual Summer Camp, and our game-changing online somatic empowerment adventure: ReSource

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Evening and Weekend Workshops

These are wonderful opportunities to experience our trauma-informed community-based education in relating and intimacy.

Evening Workshops

Embodied Intimacy hosts a variety of evening workshops where you can dip a toe into some of our favourite practices and relational tools. Join us in a city near you to have the chance to see where you want to explore deeper with us.

Our evening workshops take place locally at our Nest in Berlin, Germany and Globally but mostly in major European cities all year round.

We offer five different kinds of evening workshops:

Intro To Embodied Intimacy
Primal Play
Relating Openly
Moving Intimacy


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Weekend Intensives

Embodied Intimacy weekend intensives are 2-3 day opportunities to get a fuller taste and understand the benefits of what we do, the places we are able to travel together as a tribe, and how it feels to fully immerse oneself in the art of embodied relating that creates profound intimacy.

Weekend Intensives typically begin late Friday afternoon or evening and end Sunday early evening. They take place locally at our Nest in Berlin, Germany, and Globally all over the world but mostly in major European cities all year round.

We offer three main kinds of weekend workshops with many other variations and themes:

Relational Playground
Eros & Innocence
Alive & Free


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Deeper Trainings

Embodied Intimacy trainings are 5-10 day deep dives into the heart of our work. These experiences are where our expertise meets your “Hell Yes!” – your readiness to immerse yourself in and be changed from the core by the work we wholeheartedly stand for.


This is an advanced training for group facilitators, practitioners, those on the path of healing trauma, and anyone working to expand the edges of growth and evolution in love.

Often trauma is regarded as a problem to fix, an obstacle to relationship, or wounds that make us feel damaged and unloveable. We would like to offer a new perspective – that trauma is an incredible opportunity. Trauma is an invitation into more realness and depth. One that has the potential to touch everyone, and bring all those in contact with it into deeper intimacy and healing.

Trauma can only do this – become a gift instead of a problem – when we are able to create a container strong enough to fully hold and integrate it. Because trauma is stored, and healed, in the body, it’s not enough to talk about it, or do emotional processes around it. To really get to the core of it, we must become vulnerable again, in a place deeper than words, and move into pure embodied experience.


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Belly2Belly Facilitator Training

What makes a Belly2Belly facilitator so unique is the accumulation of patience, presence and awareness to be able to surrender to the dance that is vulnerable leadership. It’s both yin and yang, feminine and masculine, penetrative and receptive.

When you understand what works in this practice, and why, you’ll be able to let go yourself and play in the co-created group heart field as it emerges.

Facilitating this practice in it’s full glory is also a profound self-guided awareness and personal growth process in itself. Taking a step towards facilitating Belly2Belly is something you do when you want to take a powerful step into the next level of your own personal journey-- magnified by the mirror you will receive from the group field.

Deep Breath into your Heart.
Deep Breath into your Belly.
Deep Breath into your Base.


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'The' Embodied Intimacy Training

In our in-depth, 6-month, 4-module residential training, we explore how to cultivate a loving, erotic embodiment in which all of us is included, even the parts that feel scary, amazing, too little or too much.

We engage in simple and truthful ways of being together, by quieting down the regular, superficial chitchat of social interaction. We enter into a profound transformational intimacy with one another and with our shared reality, through attuning and dialoguing — breath by breath, sound by sound, touch by touch, move by move.

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Summer Camp

Join us for an unforgettable journey in togetherness to fully experience yourself as a loving, relational being — surrounded by a supportive group of fellow intimacy adventurers. Two delicious weeks of embodiment practices, relational exploration, expanded openness and conscious co-creation.

Remove blocks to love; dramatically strengthen your relationship to boundaries; open yourself to the kind of love you truly long for and deserve; learn to accept and befriend the discomfort of being fully seen in your vulnerability; impact lives with your gifts of listening, witnessing and honouring another's self-expression; let yourself be showered with love and affection...

Just imagine the fun you could have!!

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ReSource Online

ReSource is our 6-week online Somatic Empowerment Adventure, a comprehensive and experiential introduction to the emotional, relational and somatic education that is Embodied Intimacy.

Included in ReSource:
• 6 weeks of transformative teachings and practices
• Lifetime access to our online community space and its beautiful global tribe
• Lifetime access to weekly group practice sessions with our trained facilitators
• Lifetime access to monthly deep-dive sessions with Buster and Rachel

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