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We create new possibilities of relating, offering the education in embodiment and intimacy we wish everyone had received while growing up.

Enter The Magic
Of Embodied Presence

Drawing from a wide range of embodiment practises, forms of intimate exchange, movement, communication exercises, and tribal group processes, we create the conditions for a radical state of embodied presence to arise individually and within the collective field of our group spaces. In this state, our minds are calmed, our senses opened and deep embodied listening naturally arises, opening the door to the transpersonal experience of profound intimacy.

Essentially what we are doing is simplifying the components of relating, intimacy and sexuality into their most basic elements – breath, sound, touch, and movement – and then consciously putting the elements back together again in ways that disrupt our habitual patterns of relating to create new possibilities of presence and intimacy.

The focus is not on doing anything or going anywhere. It’s about following the connection, moment by moment, and simply being together in the inquiry. When we meet in this way –in deep embodiment– we can’t hide behind our words and stories about ourselves. Encounters are real, raw, vulnerable and authentic, with little room for intellectual interpretation or by-passing. There is a magic in this form of encounter which is beyond words.

Better Than Sex

As social animals, real intimate relating is profoundly important for us. We crave it, and seek it in all sorts of ways. It’s usually what we try to get through sexuality, but rarely succeed.

All too often, unless we have trained the art of embodied intimacy, sex, like so much of our lives and relating, gets hijacked by our stories about how it ‘should’ be, how we ‘should’ be, how the other ‘should’ be.

But when we can be present and aware from within our bodies we can start to relate from beneath our stories, embodying more of the authentic truth of ourselves and opening to the other in their own authentic being.

This kind of intimacy is not only deeply nourishing, it allows us to begin to feel, honour and transform old wounds and trauma, and to start to live our whole lives from the depth of our being.

Safety Is The Key

We know that when animals are safe they play, and that if we want to learn anything new we need to feel safe. This is not an easy task as we all carry personal and collective wounds and trauma that play out as unconscious adaptive patterns seated in the body and mind.

Our unique approach is based in sound research of neurobiology, trauma theory and somatic psychotherapy and starts by slowing down in order to allow our direct experience of the present moment be our guide out of the rapidly firing habits in body and mind. By slowing down and initially simplifying each and every interaction, we pick our habits apart in order to later be able to consciously and within a deeply felt embodied intimacy put our relational selves back together.

Our approach is also uniquely seated in a communal awareness that we all carry the cultural conditioning around relationships, intimacy and sex. Therefore we promote a new culture of brave vulnerability, of speaking the truth in order to build trust. Each and everyone of us is a gift to our community.

Whether it’s a trauma that we are integrating or a capacity we are rehearsing and learning to master, we can't do it alone. We need one another to continually function like reflectors of who we are. One time is no time. As we use the simple means of breath, sound, movement, and touch to anchor us back into the present moment, we decondition the old habits and mental structures and plant new seeds and possibilities in alignment with what is true in the present.

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We offer everything from evening workshops through 5-day intensives to 6-month deep-dive trainings, sharing our life-changing, trauma-informed, community-based education in embodiment, relating and intimacy in as many ways as we can.

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Summer Camp is an acceleration chamber for growth and transformation. Two delicious weeks of embodiment practices, relational exploration, expanded openness and conscious co-creation. Join us for an unforgettable journey in togetherness.

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