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The Voice of Presence

La Gomera, Spain

18-24 September 2023

Here we will play with both deep listening and hearing one another, as well as inviting expression and vocal freedom through circle-singing, voice improv and singing in community.

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Event Description 

Welcome to a week of togetherness on the beautiful island of La Gomera.

The Voice of Presence is a community experience.
A journey into deeper connection with ourselves and others.
A journey into shared presence.

We will work with the element of embodiment, deepening our trust into our own bodily experiences. From a place of somatic sense of safety we explore simple ways of connecting with others.

Meeting in stillness and embrace. Dropping from our thinking mind and an isolated sense of self into our feeling body and a shared sense of wholeness and belonging through paired breathing meditations such as “Belly2Belly.”

Meeting in motion, strengthening our connection with the relationally intelligent animal body. Exploring relating through non-verbal movement dialogues that invite a playful and connected dance of relating to emerge naturally.

Building trust and co-creating a field of permission through revealing oneself authentically in community. Feeling welcomed, celebrated and truly seen, heard and felt among others. Shifting from a self centered sense of self into a collective, connected and ecological sense of togetherness through circle practices such as Forum.

Working with the element of voice, music and singing in community, which has been ritually practiced in tribes over millennia, we will be moving into expression. Through breath movements and rhythm we will (re)-discover the instrument of our own voice, exploring and celebrating the individual voice as well as the group harmony.

Circle-Singing, Voice Improv and Singing in Community will drop us into connection with each other and ourselves. Here we will play with both deep listening and hearing one another, as well as inviting individual expression and vocal freedom.

Practices include:
- Embodiment Practices including Dance, Tai Chi. Yoga, Movement Improvisation, etc.
- Music, Rhythm and Voice Work, including Circle Singing, Mantra Chanting, Vocal Exploration, Sound Healing
- Embodied Relational Exercises including Belly2Belly, Primal Play,
- Community Practices such as Forum and Sharing Circles
- Rituals
- Dance and Movement
- Meditation
- Time in Nature and by the ocean


BUSTER RÅDVIK is the co-founder of Embodied Intimacy, the Embodied Intimacy Training and a Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist in private practice. With an MA in Psychology, Couples and Family Therapy, he specializes in individual, couple and group therapy for trauma and attachment related issues around intimacy, sex and relationship. Buster’s dharma is being by example and leading with integrity. He has a reputation for his candid emotional awareness and ability to reveal himself, transparently, no matter how awkward and messy. His warm, open style gives permission for people to come home to their humanity. Embodied Intimacy

MARA KÖLPIN is a Vocalist, Musician, Psychologist and Workshop Facilitator based in Berlin. With her spiritual background of Universal Sufism, from an early age she has been in touch with honoring the Oneness all spiritual traditions. Through Music, Singing and Dance she now carries this wisdom into the world, hosting conscious Events.
As a Singer-Songwriter, MARA is currently working on her second Album.


Finka Argayall
We will reside in the beautiful cove of Finka Argayall on La Gomera.
Argayall means Place of Light in indigenous canarian language. La Gomera is a magical subtropical island of incredible beauty. Finka Argayall is located in a secluded cove, mangoes, bananas and papayas grow in the garden. We live right by the ocean.
Three times a day we’ll enjoy excellent vegetarian meals on the terrace with sea view and sunset in the evening.



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