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Summer Camp

Two delicious weeks of embodiment practices, relational exploration, expanded openness and conscious co-creation

*** Announcement ***

Embodied Intimacy Summer Camp has now become Intimacy Camp

It's still the same awesome event, it just has a new name and a new website...

And also, now there's a Winter Camp too, held in Florida, USA!

Go to the Intimacy Camp website

About Intimacy Camp

Intimacy Camp is a relational laboratory and a playground for the full spectrum of what we call ‘intimacy’.

Full Spectrum intimacy encompasses many dimensions: Emotional, Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, Relational, Shared Experiences, Vulnerability, Erotic and Platonic!

Intimacy Camp offers a profound, soul-deep connection space that fundamentally includes but also transcends the physical.

It's where love, empathy, and compassion flow freely, fostering a powerful transformation.

This kind of intimacy is sacred, connecting individuals on spiritual and transcendent levels.

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