ReSource is a unique online somatic empowerment training for trauma-aware individuals...

Learn how to skilfully regulate your nervous system, deepen your capacity for intimacy, and improve every relationship in your life

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Begin to thrive in relationship...

ReSource helps you to develop the somatic resources you need to enable all your life's relationships to flourish. 


A comprehensive foundation in the emotional, relational and somatic education that is Embodied Intimacy.


Deepen your experience of intimacy, connection and embodiment through self and relational attunement practices.


Reclaim your nervous system as an intelligent instrument that works as an inner barometer for your truth.

“Best thing that ever happened to me… by far the best online course I have taken.”

"Truly life-changing... helped me to find a deeper level of trusting myself in connection.”

"Brilliant! This has allowed me to map my interior landscape in a way that I've never been able to before.”

"The greatest of gifts."

Are you carrying relational trauma that just keeps tripping you up and won't let you create the relationships you long to have?

We get it! It's not your fault. You're not alone.

We all carry personal and collective trauma. We all struggle to balance the desire for deep connection with the very real challenge of living with a nervous system that's easily triggered and which often undermines our most important relationships, our happiness and wellbeing, and even our financial success.

That's why we've brought together the most powerful, science-backed somatic resourcing techniques that we know, and combined these with the living essence of fourteen years of Embodied Intimacy workshops, trainings and events, to create a solution that's accessible from your own safe space and for a fraction of the cost of our in-person trainings.

The quality of our lives is largely determined by the quality of our relationships.
Is it time to give yourself the life-changing gift of nourishing connection?

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ReSource is a somatic empowerment adventure for those who know there is sooooooo much more to intimacy and relating than insecurity, fear, shame, and frustration. 

"This has fully allowed me to touch into a depth of intimacy with myself and with others that I really wasn't expecting. It's a surprising, awesome, life-changing program. I only wish I'd taken it sooner...”

"I love love love this training! I am learning so much and the things I'm learning are serious game-changers for me. The content is really amazing. Add to that Rachel & Buster's authenticity and rawness - I am in love."

"...thorough, practical and well supported... and does what it says on the tin: gave me resources to deal with trauma responses, challenges in relating with myself and other people, and tools that I can use everyday..."

How Does ReSource Work?

ReSource has three main elements that work together to help you grow your somatic resources and improve the way you relate.


Daily Teachings & Practices

Over six weeks, you’ll journey through our essential education in embodiment, relating and intimacy, developing the skills you need to master the art of connection – firstly with yourself, and then with others. Our framework will give you a theoretical and experiential foundation on which to build the more positive relationships you long for in your life. 20-30 minutes of content and exercises per day for six weeks. Intensive, yes, and deeply transformative.


Live Practice Sessions

Learn to apply our tools and techniques and consolidate your personal practice with weekly online group coaching sessions led by Embodied Intimacy trained somatic empowerment facilitators, and monthly live sessions with Embodied Intimacy founders Buster and Rachel. As part of ReSource you'll gain lifetime access to these live sessions so you can continue to deepen your practice long after the end of the main six weeks of training.


ReSource Tribe

The depth of healing and empowerment that is possible through our somatic education is amplified when practiced in community. So, as part of ReSource you'll get lifetime access to our online tribe of Embodied Intimacy practitioners, a heart-centred community committed to applying the teachings and tools we share. The online community space is a supportive and transformative space to collaborate with others to deepen your somatic resourcing journey.

What Results Should I Expect From ReSource?

The tools, techniques and understandings you'll find inside ReSource will help you in so many ways, including:

Learn To Really Love Yourself As You Are

The essential first step: befriending yourself, flaws and all, and embracing the parts of yourself you've been at war with: All of You Is Welcome Here.

Reclaim The Deep Wisdom Of Your Body

Move from submission to empowerment by reinstating your active defences. The empowered path back from Learned Helplessness, shame and worthlessness.

Build A Powerful Sense Of Somatic Safety

Shift the state of your biology and learn to re-set your operating system with “bottom-up” resources to increase your sense of safety in any situation.

Anchor An Awareness Of Solidarity And Support

Relational traumas were not laid down in isolation. We need others in order to heal, practice and reinforce new behaviours.

Move From Fear To Trust In Connection

When animals are safe, they play. By developing somatic safety from the bottom up, we learn to trust - both ourselves and others.

Rediscover Vulnerability, Innocence and Wildness

Become more of who you truly are as you effortlessly begin expressing your full potential. Once the brakes come off - there's no stopping you.

Let Buster tell you more about ReSource...

A 3-minute video outlining the intention behind the training, with reference to the six results outlined above – a great introduction to what it's all about.


Even more of the ways this training can help you...

♡ Develop confidence in recognising common triggers - before they actually happen...
♡ Gain tools to regulate your nervous system in difficult situations...
♡ Understand a simple psychological theory of trauma and why the body is so important on the path to relational healing...
♡ Develop an accessible and practical understanding of what happens in the brain during a traumatic (re)activation...
♡ Identify when others are triggered and what to do with it...
♡ Develop skills to create a somatically safe field for your relationship, client, or group work to deepen into...
♡ Actualise more of your gifts, capacities and purpose...
♡ Understand your unique style of coping with relational trauma...
♡ Stop beating your head against the wall with top-down approaches that don't work...
♡ Learn to rebuild a secure attachment style...
♡ Connect with a conscious, supportive, heart-centred tribe that accepts you exactly as you are...
♡ Escape the horrible catch 22 of relational trauma - that you can only heal it in relationship, but how the hell do you do that whilst keeping yourself safe from further wounding?
♡ Get beneath the mental stories and mind-based loops to where talk therapy can't reach...
♡ Get a handle on your reactivity and create space around your habitual responses...
♡ Turn the tables on your Inner Critic and develop a quiet inner confidence around your own unique beauty...
♡ Discover why it's essential to bring more love and presence to everything when connecting with human beings in this vulnerable time in human history...

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“I am now much more able to regulate my nervous system, to be aware of my triggers and much more. I feel a lot more at peace within myself and I’m much more in my joy and playfulness!"

“Thank you for all the wonderful and challenging things I am experiencing… this is really a juicy field for growth.”

“This is amazing! I have recommended it to so many friends now, because it is such a good handbook for life!”

“I've been curious about your workshops for a while but never dared to join one. This online format made your work more accessible... it felt more safe to peek into it from the safety of my home. Now I'm super excited to see you soon in person!"

"My biggest take away from this training is the growing and deepening awareness and appreciation of my body as the SAFE HOME I have always always longed for. Not the arms of another, not a geographical place on Earth, not a distant planet, but first and foremost - my.own.body. The greatest of gifts."

"I will say that the whole course has been beautifully constructed and it works! Who'd have thought online intimacy could be a thing. Sounds paradoxical but you've made it work."

"I've been enjoying the material and it's completely spot-on for me. It's fascinating and resonating and exhilarating."

"Fascinating, really useful, educational. You've condensed into a really manageable format stuff I've been meaning to research for years: trauma, nervous system, relating, attachment. AWESOME."

All of You Is Welcome Here

What People Are Saying

Watch a selection of heart-felt shares and harvests from some of the members of our ReSource community, to get a sense of how deeply transformative the ReSource material and container really are.


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 • 6 Weeks of Engaging, Life-Changing Content
• Ongoing Weekly Group Practice Sessions with Trained Facilitators
• Ongoing Monthly Coaching Sessions with Rachel & Buster
• Lifetime membership to our Online Embodied Intimacy Tribe Community Space

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A Deeper Look Into the ReSource Curriculum

A week-by-week peek at the contents of your somatic empowerment adventure.

Week 1 – Safe In The Body

In this first week we'll begin to explore what a somatic sense of safety is, how to create it, and how important it is for our being able to expand and thrive in connection with others.

Some week 1 topics and practices:

• What Somatic Safety is and why it matters
• Somatic Empowerment 101
• Exploring your current relationship with your body
• Introducing the Window of Tolerance
• The power of memories on our relationship with the body
• The mind/body disjunct and the path of integration
• Safety and the Triune Brain

Week 2 – Fear In the Body

In week 2 we turn to befriend our fear, developing a relationship with it so that we can learn not to let it rule us – then we can begin to play with it as a portal into intimacy.

Some week 2 topics and practices:

• Procedural learning and how to transcend autopilot
• Exploring your Window of Tolerance
• Regulating Hyperarousal
• Body-memory and the importance of the timestamp
• Regulating Hypoarousal
• Neuroception and the 5 different ways to perceive the present moment
• Tracking arousal states
• Coming home to love

Week 3 – Resource In the Body

In week three you'll experience a tipping point where all the theory and practice starts to land in your body as a resource to regulate the biological state of fear into a somatic sense of safety.

Some week 3 topics and practices:

• The body as resource
• Your internal somatic resources
• External somatic resources
• Procedural learning (continued)
• Transforming procedural memory
• Developing new somatic responses
• Mapping your instinctual responses
• Reinstating active defenses
• Acts of triumph

Week 4 – Relating With The Body In Mind

This week, we're applying the concepts and practices we've been learning to the place where the rubber hits the road: our most intimate relationships.

Some week 4 topics and practices:

• Introducing the spiritual path of relating
• Activating positive relational experiences
• Integrating negative relational experiences
• The attachment cycle: attunement, rupture & repair
• Attachment in difficult relationships
• Attachment in positive relationships
• How to repair in conscious relating
• Reparenting yourself
• Consciously-learned secure attachment

Week 5 – Solution With The Body In Mind

This week we want to put everything together into a formula that you can apply to everything: a fully integrated, bottom-up behavioural-modification programme.

Some week 5 topics and practices:

• Waking up vs growing up
• Survival resources vs creative resources
• Understanding the trigger spiral
• Understanding the resource spiral
• Embodying a creative resonse
• Upgrading your resources
• Relational trigger spirals
• Relational resource spirals

Week 6 – Stepping Into Life Through The Body

In this final week we'll be bringing all the threads together to allow us to access the wisdom of the body as we move through life.

Some week 6 topics and practices:

• Using the wisdom of the body
• The choice point
• Practicing somatic safety
• Integrating the intelligence of the instincts
• Updating negative beliefs
• Early attachment and orienting
• Tracking your orienting habits
• Creating new patterns of behaviour

The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll gain the understandings and skills you need to thrive in connection

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One thing is clear: We can’t do it alone

A Word About Our Style: We Keep It REAL!

Please be warned: while we do certainly know our stuff when it comes to science-backed, trauma-informed somatic empowerment theory and practice, we are, first and foremost, wonderfully flawed human beings just like you, struggling every day with the same kind of personal and relational challenges as you are.

Acknowledging this, and keeping things as real as possible, is at the heart of our approach, central to the transmission we bring to all our trainings. Nothing in our work is about trying to stand on tiptoes above anyone else or bypass the inherent fragility of being a human spiritual animal alive here in the mystery of our 21st century post-pandemic, pre-climate-chaos cultural landscape.

All we really know is that working directly with our basic somatic needs offers a way to create enough relative safety to show up and reveal ourselves authentically, to take risks in vulnerability, and let others see us as we actually are. This is the essence of true intimacy: discovering, together, that we are loveable just as we are right now, with all our strange knots and distortions, unexpected gifts and quiet joys.

This approach is especially well demonstrated in Buster's ability to reveal himself transparently, no matter how awkward and messy it might look. As you'll discover inside the training, ReSource isn't a polished, top-down dispensing of cool information. It's warm, vulnerable, vital, at times deeply moving, at times hilarious, and at other times excruciatingly uncomfortable – just like this precious life we all share in.

"All of you is welcome here" isn't just something we say!
It's our way of being.


Join Us Inside, Just As You Are

ReSource FAQ's

Meet Your Hosts

Buster Rådvik 

Buster Rådvik MA is the founder of Embodied Intimacy, the Embodied Intimacy Training and a Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist in private practice. With an MA in Psychology, Couples and Family Therapy, he specializes in individual, couple and group therapy for trauma and attachment related issues around intimacy, sex and relationship. Buster’s dharma is being by example and leading with integrity. He has a reputation for his candid emotional awareness and ability to reveal himself, transparently, no matter how awkward and messy. His warm, open style gives permission for people to come home to their humanity.

Rachel Rickards

Rachel Rickards is a group facilitator extraordinaire, event producer and intimacy catalyst. In 2014 she co-founded Embodied Intimacy, a thriving community of people interested in building relational intelligence through hands-on relating and experience-based education. Rachel also brings a passion for alternative relationships by helping people find their truth in the way they want to love and be loved. She has been featured on ABC’s Nightline, as well as on a cutting edge, hit “docu-soap” on Showtime, and in 2018 she was selected to be part of Tamera’s Global Love School. Rachel absolutely loves creating group heart fields through synchronized nervous system regulation and activation.

Our Beautiful Tribe

The Embodied Intimacy tribe is a courageous, exploratory, heart-centred community of thousands committed to exploring the intersection of embodiment, intimacy, and human connection, believing that the depth of the work we do is amplified when it is done in community.

This global tribe is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds but all sharing a passion for deepening our connection to ourselves and others and exploring the nature of human connection and intimacy through somatic practices.

The tribe is a supportive and transformative space to practice, explore vulnerabilities, desires, and boundaries in a safe and non-judgmental community.


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What does it take to come fully alive in your body, meet the world again in the magic of authentic connection, ride the wild edge of intimacy with just enough safety to make the impossible possible!?

This is the life-changing gift of somatic empowerment... are you ready to embrace it? We think you are. What else are you here to do?

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