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Upcoming Events 2023-24

Our events run in Europe and North America, combining deep work with ecstatic play to create unique and delicious environments for learning and growth.

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Events Listings

Every Tuesday,
7 - 8.30 pm CET 

Weekly Online Practice Sessions

Learn to apply our tools and techniques and consolidate your personal embodiment practice with our weekly online group sessions. As part of our online training, ReSource, you get lifetime access to these weekly sessions.

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November 29, 2023


Empower Your Relationship In Community. Together, sourced in the collective intelligence of community and personal experience, we would like to explore how to create the support, knowledge, and guidance needed to navigate the inevitable challenges of committed partnerships.

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November 22, 2023


This practice invites you into a relational partnered meditation, belly to belly, with another breathing body, to share the vulnerability of exposing ourselves in our most primal state.

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Wed, December 6, 2023 (18:30-22:30 CET)

Primal Play

Primal Play offers you the opportunity to be physically intimate with others in a space where there is no agenda, no expectation of “performing” in any particular way and no commitment beyond the container of the play space. It is a “brave space” and relational playground for conscious exploration of what emerges in the space between us in the present moment.

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April - Oct, 2024
Atran, Sweden

Embodied Intimacy Training 2024

Our deep-dive training, delightful and demanding, giving you a radical experience of our full-spectrum education in embodiment, intimacy and relating.

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July 8 -21
Skeppsudden, Sweden

Summercamp 2024

What would be possible if you had 2 weeks to fully experience yourself as a loving, relational being — surrounded by a supportive group of fellow intimacy adventurers?

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